The NFT Records Project Member Profile

Run by Sakuragate Inc


Hidenori KaminaCEO of Sakuragate Inc. Expert of business planning, experienced launch of over 300 businesses.
Participates as a supervisor of The NFT Records project.
Shojiro ItoFormer founder, President, CEO of avex sports inc. Has over 25 years' experience as a music promoter and sports agent. Expert of business development and operation utilizing global and domestic IP network.
Akihisa IshidaCEO and founder of NFT ART & ASSETS Inc. Participated in launching Blockchain project at former avex technologies. Evangelist in Japan's NFT field. Participates as an advisor of NFT and Blockchain technology development.
Miyuki YagiRepresentative of Reach Japan, an independent label.
Expert of artist management, music copyright agreement and music / concert conduction with over 20 years' experience.
Sonosuke HonmaCTO of Sakuragate Inc. An ultimate product-oriented engineer with a wide range of development skills and management experience from online game development to latest technology.
Rintaro KitadeCBO of Feel Live Inc., After working as an B to C advertising planner including traditional industries, he also works as a video production producer. Has good experience in SNS marketing and content production.